Jeni Kadel

Altoona City Council

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Property rights and ownership should not be infringed on by any level of government. You’ve spent your own capital on your properties, homes, and businesses, so you alone should have the right to control what happens on your property – so long as it does not harm anyone else’s property. Backyard chickens, fenced to stay in the yard, can provide a local food source, education, and entertainment for families. Composting can reduce waste and provide much needed nutrients to our Iowa soil. Water storage and the right to maintain rain barrels should not be regulated. Eminent domain must no longer be enforced to steal property. Private property should solely belong and be maintained to private owners – not the government!

As a former candidate for Iowa House, I have and continue to be an advocate for safe,
healthy, and community based policing. Altoona’s police department has a strong positive
community presence, and has my full support. These positive interactions between police forces
and the communities they serve should be encouraged and celebrated, while continuing to work
toward to lowering negative interactions.

Designing our roadways is a difficult matter. There are several current issues that need to
be taken into account. One of these involves speeding and safety. I support low cost and
effective measures to reduce high speeds in our neighbors while allowing individuals to maintain
autonomy without the added usage of punitive measures such as speed cameras. Adding trees
and greenery in the medians is one viable option that will enhance our “green” appeal as well as
deter motorist from reaching high speeds. Simple and effective solutions ensure safety and lower
the need for police patrol in various areas.

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